General Order # Document Type Subject Description Publish/Revision
1.1GENERAL ORDERSStrategic PlanA strategic plan serves as a promise to the citizens of Leon County. The Plan establishes a promise of accountability and strives for unparalleled excellence and effectiveness in law enforcement service and organizational management. The successful implementation of the strategic plan requires a commitment to effective change and positive growth. Establishing and routinely updating goals and objectives ensures direction and unity of purpose towards improvement of the agency7/10/2017
1.2GENERAL ORDERSOATH AND CANON OF ETHICSFlorida State Statute mandates that deputies take and subscribe to the Oath of Office, and a Loyalty Oath, prior to appointment and before undertaking the duties of office. It is equally important that deputies observe the principles as set forth in the Canons of Law Enforcement Ethics. 4/10/2017
1.3GENERAL ORDERSLIMITS OF AUTHORITYThe Constitution of the State of Florida mandates an elected Sheriff for each county of the state, unless otherwise accepted by county charter or special law. In addition, Chapter 30, F.S., mandates certain powers, duties and obligations to the Sheriff. 4/26/2017
1.4GENERAL ORDERSFIREARMSFlorida law allows individual law enforcement agencies the autonomy and discretion to regulate the use and carrying of firearms by their law enforcement officers. It is imperative that control of firearms be strictly maintained and that training in the use of firearms be continuous. 3/13/2017
1.5GENERAL ORDERSUSE OF FORCEIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office that all members acting within their official capacity may use only the amount of force reasonably necessary to affect lawful objectives and shall conform to the provisions of Florida Statutes, as well as this General Order. Those facts known or perceived by a member at the time force is utilized are justification for using force. All members shall be issued copies of and instructed in the agency's use of force policy before being authorized to carry a weapon. Members shall not be allowed to carry or use agency authorized weapons (lethal or less-lethal), on or off duty, until they have been properly instructed and have demonstrated proficiency with the weapon(s).2/1/2018
1.9GENERAL ORDERSPROFESSIONAL TRAFFIC STOPS AND CITIZEN CONTACTSA fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States to all who live in this nation is to the equal protection under the law. Citizens are free to walk and drive our streets, highways, and other public places without police interference so long as they obey the law. The law enforcement agency is charged with protecting these rights, for all citizens, regardless of race, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, religion, economic status, age, cultural group, or any other identifiable group.4/20/2017
100.1GENERAL ORDERSFLAG COURTESYAll Sheriff's Office members shall render due respect and courtesy to the American Flag and the National Anthem. 9/10/2007
100.2GENERAL ORDERSHONOR GUARD AND FUNERAL ESCORTSThe Sheriff's Office acknowledges the importance of demonstrating proper respect for Sheriff's Office members and other members of the law enforcement community who have been killed in the line of duty. The purpose of this order is to establish guidelines for official representation of the Sheriff's Office at funeral ceremonies and uses of the Honor Guard. 6/15/2016
100.3GENERAL ORDERSEXPOSURE CONTROL PLANThe policy outlines the Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens and Infectious Diseases. 8/3/2017
102GENERAL ORDERSDRUG FREE WORKPLACEThe purpose of this order is to establish the guidelines and requirements of a drug free workplace, conditions under which member, volunteer, and applicant drug or alcohol testing may be required and procedures for such testing.4/1/2020
103GENERAL ORDERSAPPLICATION AND EMPLOYMENT PROCESSThe purpose of this order is to establish guidelines for recruiting, testing, interviewing, and hiring members to the Sheriff's Office. All elements of the selection process for sworn and non-sworn positions shall be administered, scored, and interpreted in a uniform manner.3/20/2020
105GENERAL ORDERSPROMOTIONSThe promotional process is of vital interest and concern to both the agency and the member. These processes bring about recognition, personal satisfaction, and added responsibilities. For these reasons the process must be standardized and provide a fair and equitable means of advancement and transfer for all members who participate. Nothing in this policy is intended to diminish or alter the authority of the Sheriff as provided in Chapter 30, Florida State Statutes.2/4/2020
107GENERAL ORDERSLEAVEIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to define the types of leave offered to full time members and to establish guidelines for the proper use of the leave. 4/14/2020
110GENERAL ORDERSAGENCY VEHICLE OPERATIONSThe purpose of this order is to establish guidelines and procedures for all members for the use of agency vehicles, to include special purpose vehicles, when on-duty, off-duty, and in an on-call status.3/20/2020
12.1GENERAL ORDERSORGANIZATIONAL COMMANDIn law enforcement service it is important that only one person be in complete command of each situation and that only one person be in direct command or supervision of each member. 4/26/2017
12.2GENERAL ORDERSWRITTEN DIRECTIVESIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office that official written correspondence and orders conform with the provisions of this General Order. Only the Sheriff has the authority to issue, modify, or approve any policy or procedure promulgated by General Orders. Once a General Order is adopted, authenticated, and distributed it shall become the official directive of the Sheriff's Office.1/5/2018
16.2GENERAL ORDERSSHERIFF POSSEIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to maintain and utilize an organized volunteer unit known as the Sheriff's Posse to augment a variety of services provided to the citizens of Leon County. The Leon County Sheriff's Office, Career Service Appeals Program shall not apply to posse volunteers.5/15/2017
16.4GENERAL ORDERSCITIZEN OBSERVER RIDE-ALONG PROGRAMThe Leon County Sheriff's Office encourages interested citizens to familiarize themselves with the law enforcement operations of the agency while riding as an observer in a patrol vehicle. Riding with a deputy is a privilege, which may be denied or suspended by the Uniform Patrol Bureau Commander.6/12/2017
17.1GENERAL ORDERSFINANCE AND ACCOUNTINGIt shall be the policy of the Sheriff's Office to effectively manage agency revenue, funds, and expenditures through the fiscal management function. 5/2/2017
17.2GENERAL ORDERSINVESTMENT POLICYThis Policy was adopted using Section 218.415, Florida Statutes, as a guideline and applies to all funds held by the Leon County Sheriff’s Office in excess of those required to meet current expenses.3/6/2019
17.3GENERAL ORDERSTRAVELIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to adequately account for all advances, expenditures and reimbursements in connection with agency related travel, training or conference attendance within a reasonable period of time, in accordance with IRS regulations.5/11/2015
17.4GENERAL ORDERSFORFEITURESThe Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act (FCFA), Sections 932.701 through 932.707, F.S., authorizes law enforcement agencies to seize and forfeit real and personal property, including currency, vessels, vehicles, aircraft and other contraband articles that have been used, are being used, were intended to be used, or were acquired with proceeds in violation of any of the provisions of this act. 7/19/2017
17.5GENERAL ORDERSFEDERAL EQUITABLE SHARING PROCEDURESThe authority of the Secretary of the Treasury to share federally forfeited property with participating state and local law enforcement agencies is established by federal law at 18 U.S.C.'981(e), 19 U.S.C. '1616A(c ) and 31 U.S.C. ' 9703 (a)(1)(G)(h). Requests for equitable shares shall be filed in the form prescribed by the Director, Executive Office for Asset Forfeiture.4/20/2017
20.20GENERAL ORDERSCHAPLAINCY PROGRAMThe Chaplaincy Program is an internal organization comprised of a corps of volunteer clergy members who desire to serve agency members in times of distress. The program is intended to provide countywide coverage with the services of a chaplain as it relates to the needs of members of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. The goal of the Chaplaincy Program is to provide a trusted individual in whom members may confide or seek assistance.2/1/2019
201GENERAL ORDERSPURCHASINGIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to effectively manage purchases through the Purchasing Section and the use of Purchasing Cards. 1/24/2020
21.1GENERAL ORDERSCLASSIFICATION & DELINEATION OF DUTIESIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to maintain current job classifications and job task analyses for all positions within the agency.7/5/2017
22.1GENERAL ORDERSCOMPENSATIONThe purpose of this order is to describe how agency members shall be compensated and establish procedures for a Tuition Assistance Program.7/11/2017
22.10GENERAL ORDERSCAREER SERVICEThe Career Service Program is an act relating to Leon County; providing permanent status for certain employees of the Leon County Sheriff; specifying rights of employees; providing procedures for appeal of disciplinary actions and complaints against employees; providing for the appointment of boards to hear appeals and procedures with respect thereto. 7/12/2017
22.11GENERAL ORDERSDISABILITY AND REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to allow employees, who cannot perform their regular duties and responsibilities due to medical necessity, a reasonable accommodation in accordance with the procedures established herein. It is also the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office that this accommodation due to medical necessity be limited in time with the goal being that the employee will return to his/her regular duties and responsibilities (regular duty status) as soon as possible. 7/5/2017
22.12GENERAL ORDERSOFF-DUTY EMPLOYMENTThe procedures in this General Order are intended to establish and ensure that personnel working in non-law enforcement roles of an off-duty nature adhere to agency policies, and abide by the standards of conduct expected of employees of the Leon County Sheriff's Office. Employees who engage in off-duty employment shall recognize that their primary duty, obligation, and responsibility is to the Sheriff's Office.5/2/2017
22.13GENERAL ORDERSNEPOTISMThe purpose of this general order is to establish policy that will govern the employment of relatives and family members within the Leon County Sheriff's Office.3/28/2019
22.14GENERAL ORDERSEMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAMIt is the intent of this policy for employees who may be experiencing problems either in the employee's personal life or at work to seek assistance before the problems affect the employee's job performance. Supervisors are encouraged to recommend the EAP to employees when supervisors become aware of or observe circumstances or behavioral changes with an employee to the extent that the circumstances or behavioral changes are beginning to, or are already having, a negative impact on the employee's work performance.10/9/2007
22.15GENERAL ORDERSSICK LEAVE POOLThe purpose of this order is to set forth requirements relating to the eligibility, enrollment, membership, processing, and appeal rights under LCSO's sick leave pool.7/19/2013
22.16GENERAL ORDERSCOURTESY OFFICER AGREEMENTSThe Agency recognizes that apartment complexes or like residential communities desire sworn law enforcement officers to live on site in exchange for free or reduced rent or for other compensation. This policy outlines the procedure and limitations of sworn members who enter into this type of agreement.5/1/2007
22.19GENERAL ORDERSADA Grievance ProcedureThe purpose of this general order is to establish procedures by which the Sheriff’s Office members comply with this requirement of Federal law. It is the policy of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.2/16/2018
22.2GENERAL ORDERSFITNESS FOR DUTYIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office that a fitness for duty evaluation will be done in cases where an employee's behavior suggests the possibility of emotional problems, difficulties handling stress, or the employee may be unable to perform the demands of the position. 10/9/2007
22.3GENERAL ORDERSEXTRA-DUTY EMPLOYMENTIt is the intent of the Sheriff's Office to allow its eligible sworn members to work additional law enforcement and other services within the scope of their training and duty. The Sheriff reserves the right to refuse any such employment requests that would cause conflict or serve to embarrass the Leon County Sheriff's Office. 7/5/2017
22.4GENERAL ORDERSON THE JOB INJURYEmployees who are injured on the job may be entitled to workers compensation benefits. It shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to implement a procedure for reporting, processing and documenting on-the-job injuries in order to facilitate the workers compensation process. 1/24/2005
22.5GENERAL ORDERSPERSONAL APPEARANCE AND DRESSIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to govern the appearance of its members. The agency uniform and personal appearance of members influences the prestige of the service and the status of the agency in the eyes of the public. Therefore, all members are expected to be proper­ly groomed and properly uniformed at all times as prescribed. 1/19/2018
22.6GENERAL ORDERSFAMILY MEDICAL LEAVE ACTThe Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), supplemented by the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), main focus is to allow members to participate in important family events or crises without fear of repercussions such as losing their job or being penalized upon their return to duty through loss of responsibilities, advancement potential, etc.3/25/2009
22.9GENERAL ORDERSSEPARATION FROM EMPLOYMENTThe purpose of this General Order is to establish procedures for the separation of members from service with the Leon County Sheriff's Office.3/18/2011
25.1GENERAL ORDERSHARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACEIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office that all members have the right to work in an environment free of all forms of harassment. The agency does not condone, and will not tolerate, any form of harassment. Therefore, the agency shall take direct and immediate action to prevent such behavior, and to remedy all reported instances of harassment.5/5/2017
25.2GENERAL ORDERSSEXUAL HARASSMENTIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office that each employee be allowed to work in an environment free from any form of sexual harassment, whether Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment or Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment, and from retaliation against those who oppose or report sexual harassment. It is the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office that an employee may seek redress and relief from sexual harassment within the Leon County Sheriff's Office without fear of retaliation.5/10/2017
26.1GENERAL ORDERSDISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES AND STANDARDSThese procedures by which Sheriff's Office supervisors shall discipline employees are applicable only to employees who have attained permanent status as this term is defined in the glossary section of this order. The Sheriff's Office is not required to follow the disciplinary procedures established herein for OPS employees, or probationary employees. Such members are considered to be at will employees for purposes of administering discipline. The Sheriff's Office is not required to follow the disciplinary procedures established herein for volunteers, auxiliary members or reserve deputies. The disciplinary standards set forth herein are applicable to all Sheriff's Office employees, volunteers, auxiliary members and reserve deputies. 6/6/2019
26.2GENERAL ORDERSAWARDS AND RECOGNITION PROGRAMIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to recognize and award individuals who have displayed heroism, meritorious service, excellence in the performance of duty and to recognize members monthly through the establishment of an Employee of the Month program.3/31/2018
3.1GENERAL ORDERSCONTRACT MANAGEMENTThe purpose of this order is to implement a system to ensure contracts received by agency are reviewed by the appropriate personnel prior to being submitted to the Sheriff for signature.11/13/2009
315GENERAL ORDERSTRAFFIC LAW ENFORCE­MENTIt is the responsibility of the Sheriff's Office to provide traffic law enforcement services to the public, which includes the enforcement of traffic laws. Integral parts of this responsibility include the formulation of procedures, evaluation, data collection and analysis, development of effective enforcement techniques, and allocation of members.4/1/2020
33.1GENERAL ORDERSTRAININGThe diverse and complex tasks and responsibilities within the agency require that training presented to agency members be centralized and coordinated within a designated centralized section.11/7/2017
35.1GENERAL ORDERSPERFORMANCE EVALUATIONSEmployee Performance Evaluations must be done on an annual basis and shall be designed to determine the effectiveness of those being rated by a careful appraisal and an objective, accurate, and historical documentation of those employees' individual and collective work product. 5/15/2017
41.10GENERAL ORDERSWRECKER QUALIFICATION AND ALLOCATION SYSTEMThis policy is designed to assist private and commercial users in this county by ensuring that only qualified, reputable wrecker operators and equipment are provided for removal of wrecked, disabled, and abandoned motor vehicles, or vehicles involved in criminal or civil action. This policy also serves to assist the deputy in the event that the owner or operator of the vehicle is incapacitated, unavailable, or leaves the procurement of the wrecker service to the discretion of the deputy at the scene. 7/19/2014
41.11GENERAL ORDERSTOWING AND IMPOUNDING VEHICLESCircumstances arise that require moving citizens' vehicles at the direction of Sheriff's Office members. This agency will follow standardized procedures so that legal requirements are met for the protection of the agency and the vehicle owner. 7/5/2017
41.12GENERAL ORDERSSEXUAL VIOLENCESexual violence investigations shall be actively pursued by the Leon County Sheriff's Office. Law enforcement response to sexual violence shall not be based on the status or profession of the victim or perpetrator, or the nature of the relationship between the victim and perpetrator. High priority shall be assigned to ensuring victim safety, preserving and collecting physical evidence and referral to appropriate services. 6/12/2017
41.14GENERAL ORDERSOPIOID ANTAGONISTThe purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines and regulations governing the utilization of naloxone by trained members within the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. The objective is to treat and reduce injuries and fatalities due to opioid-involved overdoses when members are the first to arrive at the scene of a suspected overdose, as outlined in Section 381.887, Florida Statutes.11/15/2018
41.15GENERAL ORDERSMARCHMAN ACT PROCEDURESNULLThe purpose of this order is to ensure the uniform procedure for involuntary admission for substance abuse under the Marchman Act.5/21/2018
41.16GENERAL ORDERSRISK PROTECTION ORDER PETITION PROCESSThe purpose of this order is to ensure the uniform process of a petition for and execution of a Risk Protection Order under Section 790.401, Florida Statutes.11/15/2018
41.2GENERAL ORDERSFIELD OPERATIONSThe purpose of this order is to provide policy and procedure for the Sheriff's Office field operations function.9/7/2018
41.3GENERAL ORDERSEMERGENCY VEHICLE OPERATIONS AND PURSUITSTo effect these obligations, it shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to regulate the manner in which emergency vehicle operations and pursuits are undertaken and performed. When engaged in emergency vehicle operations or pursuits in the performance of official duties, drivers of authorized emergency vehicles are granted exemptions from certain traffic laws by Florida Statutes; however, the exemptions do not relieve drivers from exercising due regard for the safety of all persons, nor shall such exemptions protect drivers from the consequences of reckless disregard for the safety of others. 3/19/2019
41.4GENERAL ORDERSCANINE UNITThe use of canines has proven to be a valuable asset to the law enforcement community. The Sheriff's Office maintains canine teams to support patrol operations and specialized units of this agency. The canine teams are also available to assist other agencies upon request. 9/10/2019
41.6GENERAL ORDERSMOBILE RECORDING SYSTEMIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to utilize mobile recording systems in equipped vehicles to provide a digital record of a member's actions while engaged in specified work related duty.5/17/2017
41.7GENERAL ORDERSBODY WORN CAMERASThis agency has adopted the use of BWCs in order to have accurate documentation of events, actions, conditions and statements made during arrests and critical incidents, so as to enhance member reports, collection of evidence, and courtroom testimony. The BWC is a valuable tool for identifying training needs, protecting deputies from false allegations, and recording interactions between deputies and the public.7/23/2018
41.8GENERAL ORDERSDOMESTIC VIOLENCEIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to reduce the incidence and severity of domestic violence, protect victims of domestic violence, provide them with support through a combination of law enforcement and community services, and promote officer safety by ensuring that members are fully prepared to effectively deal with domestic violence calls for service. 6/6/2019
41.9GENERAL ORDERSBAKER ACT, MARCHMAN ACT AND PHYSICIAN CERTIFICATEIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to establish guidelines relating to handling involuntary committals under the Baker and Marchman Acts and Physician Certificate. 5/21/2018
42.1GENERAL ORDERSCRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONSThe Sheriff's Office is committed to the investigation of all criminal activity, which shall be accomplished by uniform and non-uniform members. Investigations begin upon the first notification that a crime may have been committed. While an effective criminal investigative process involves a coordinated effort among many components within the Sheriff's Office, primary responsibility rests with the Criminal Investigations Bureau. 7/7/2017
42.3GENERAL ORDERSUNDERCOVER, SURVEILLANCE AND DECOY OPERATIONSThe Sheriff's Office is committed to the investigation of criminal activity and recognizes the need for specialized operations involving undercover, decoy, and surveillance operations. The Sheriff's Office also recognizes the inherit dangers and risks involved in such operations, and is committed to the safety of department personnel, citizens, and criminal perpetrators. 7/5/2017
42.4GENERAL ORDERSPHOTOGRAHPHIC AND LIVE LINE-UPSThe purpose of this General Order is to establish specific guidelines and procedures to ensure consistency during the administration of photographic and live line-ups. It shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to conduct photographic and live line-ups in accordance with the guidelines set forth in this General Order, and in such a way which is consistent with ensuring the collection of reliable eyewitness identification evidence.9/29/2017
43.1GENERAL ORDERSSPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS SECTION OPERATIONS AND CONFIDENTIAL FUNDSThe agency is committed to the identification, apprehension and prosecution of persons and organizations involved in the offenses related to organized crime, narcotics, and vice.5/10/2017
43.5GENERAL ORDERSSEARCH WARRANTSIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to prepare and execute Search Warrants, as part of criminal investigations when applicable. 5/3/2017
43.6GENERAL ORDERSCONFIDENTIAL INFORMANT MANAGEMENT AND CONTROLThe purpose of this general order is to establish guidelines for the overall management of confidential informants to include but not limited to; recruiting, developing, selecting, utilizing, controlling and documenting. Confidential informant procedures are for the protection of the agency, and each agency member, as well as for the confidential informant.7/10/2017
44.1GENERAL ORDERSJUVENILE PROCEDURESIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to treat juvenile offenders, victims, and witnesses with dignity, in accordance with the guidelines set forth in this directive and in such a way as to promote cooperation and respect for the criminal justice system.11/15/2018
44.7GENERAL ORDERSMISSING PERSONSIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office to conduct all missing person investigations in accordance with Florida law and guidelines set forth in this General Order. The deputy/detective, however will not be limited to these guidelines, but will take any reasonable and prudent actions to bring the investigation to a successful conclusion.7/5/2017
45.1GENERAL ORDERSCRIME PREVENTIONThe Crime Prevention Unit is a function of the Community Services Bureau, and provides crime prevention services to the businesses and citizens of Leon County.6/15/2016
46.1GENERAL ORDERSAGENCY RESPONSE TO UNUSUAL OCCURRENCESIt is vital for the Sheriff's Office to establish and follow a plan during times of disasters, and civil disturbances. Proper implementation of these plans will help minimize the loss of life and property. 7/5/2017
46.2GENERAL ORDERSAIRCRAFT INCIDENT PLANThe scene of an aircraft accident requires specific actions on the part of deputies who are involved in the situations. Regardless of the nature or size of the accident, multiple agencies will respond to the scene. It is essential that all agencies work in conjunction with each other in order to effectively handle the scene/investigation. 11/16/2015
46.3GENERAL ORDERSPERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENTThe purpose of this order is to provide a respiratory protection program for first responders whose assignments do not normally include contact with hazardous materials or response to the release of hazardous materials.6/11/2008
47.1GENERAL ORDERSHIGH RISK OPERATIONSThe purpose of this order is to establish guidelines for the implementation, organization, operation, and utilization of the SWAT Team and the Hostage Negotiations Team, as well as to establish procedures for those high risk operations performed by the Sheriff's Office.4/5/2017
47.2GENERAL ORDERSTACTICAL DIVE TEAMDiving requires a high degree of physical and psychological fitness, and a thorough knowledge of diving techniques and recovery procedures. In many cases, recovery dives are conducted in water with zero visibility and other hazardous conditions. To this end, agency divers will be trained to a level of highest proficiency, and will have the equipment and resources available to facilitate diving recovery. 7/2/2007
47.3GENERAL ORDERSIMPROVISED EXPLOSIVE DEVICESIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to respond to bomb threats or bomb emergen­cies and to follow the specific job responsibilities as outlined by this order. 11/13/2017
47.4GENERAL ORDERSSPECIAL OPERATIONSIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to plan and coordinate activities related to special events, dignitary protection and search and rescue operations in order to provide the community with high standards of safety and security. 3/28/2019
51.1GENERAL ORDERSCRIMINAL INTELLIGENCEData of a criminal intelligence nature should be collected, evaluated, collated, analyzed, and made regularly available to sworn Sheriff's Office members. This data should be assessed to determine if it is tactical or strategic in nature. 4/25/2011
51.2GENERAL ORDERSREGISTRATION OF CONVICTED FELONS/SEXUAL OFFENDERSIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to adhere to the Public Safety Information Act of 1997 concerning F.S.S. 775.13 Registration of Convicted Felons and F.S.S. 775.21, Registration of Sexual Predator/Offender. It shall also be the policy of the Sheriff's Office to maintain and provide accurate data regarding the same. 7/5/2017
52.1GENERAL ORDERSINTERNAL AFFAIRSA system to review and investigate all complaints and allegations is essential to establish and maintain the confidence of the citizens of Leon County, to protect the integrity/rights of the agency members, and to protect the public from inappropriate behavior by Sheriff's Office members.11/7/2017
53.2GENERAL ORDERSSTAFF INSPECTIONSThe Staff Inspections function is a management tool designed to provide the Sheriff with a detailed appraisal of each component of the Leon County Sheriff's Office. Inspections are specifically designed to identify strengths and weaknesses, ensure policy, procedures, rules and regulations are being adhered to, recognize commendable performance and provide recommendations for improvement where necessary. The primary objective of an inspection is to improve the performance of the agency and its members and upgrade the operational efficiency and effectiveness of all agency components. 2/7/2005
54.1GENERAL ORDERSNEWS MEDIA RELATIONSThe purpose of this order is to establish guidelines that will assist Sheriff's Office members in making news releases, and in providing cooperation and assistance to the news media with regard to investigations of criminal offenses and/or incidents over which the agency has primary responsibility and jurisdiction.5/1/2017
55.1GENERAL ORDERSVICTIM ASSISTANCEThe agency is committed to the development, implementation and continuation of victim/witness assistance programs and activities and shall comply with Section 960.001, F.S., which is known as Florida's Victim/Witness Protection Act of 1984.5/17/2017
55.2GENERAL ORDERSHUMAN TRAFFICKINGThis policy is intended to provide all Leon County Sheriff’s Office sworn members with policy and procedures to recognize elements of human trafficking so deputies may reliably initiate appropriate initial and follow-up investigations in compliance with state and federal law.9/11/2018
63.1GENERAL ORDERSTRAFFIC CRASH INVESTIGATIONSIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to provide traffic law enforcement services for purposes of investigating motor vehicle crashes, which include procedures for the use of equipment to regulate traffic at the scene of a crash to protect the scene and temporarily detour traffic.8/15/2014
63.2GENERAL ORDERSAGENCY VEHICLE CRASH­ES AND OTHER DAMAGEIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to ensure the proper investigation of all vehicle crashes and damage to agency vehicles. It is also the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office that no member has a property interest in being assigned an agency vehicle. Being assigned an agency vehicle is considered a privilege which may be taken away by the Sheriff. 8/3/2017
64.1GENERAL ORDERSTRAFFIC DIRECTION AND CONTROLThe purpose of this order is to establish procedures for traffic direction, control, escorts and the use of roadblocks.8/15/2014
64.2GENERAL ORDERSSCHOOL CROSSING GUARDSSchool Crossing Guards are highly visible representatives of the Sheriff's Office who are responsible for the safety of children at street crossings near schools. Failure of School Crossing Guards to act in a professional manner can endanger the lives of children.8/12/2014
66.1GENERAL ORDERSTRAFFIC ANCILLARY SERVICESIt is the agency's objective to be of service to the public in rendering aid in a timely and courteous manner. Motorists, on occasion, need assistance of various types such as general assistance, emergency assistance, public information and data on roadway conditions. 8/12/2014
71.1GENERAL ORDERSARRESTEES/DETAINEES CUSTODY AND TRANSPORTIt is the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office when a deputy transports an arrestee/detainee, that adequate safety and security will be provided for the arrestee/detainee, the transporting deputy, and the public. 5/1/2017
71.4GENERAL ORDERSCONSULAR NOTIFICATIONS REGARDING FOREIGN NATIONALSAny time a foreign national is arrested or detained, there are legal requirements to ensure that the foreign national's government can offer him/her appropriate consular assistance. In all cases, the foreign national must be told of their right to consular notification and access. Notification is mandatory for foreign nationals from certain countries, and optional if the arrestee/detainee is from other specified countries. The notification of the death of any foreign national to their respective consulate is required by the U.S. Department of State. The U.S. Department of State requests notification of the appropriate consulate when a serious injury or illness has occurred involving a foreign national.4/10/2013
72.1GENERAL ORDERSHOLDING FACILITIESThe purpose of this order is to establish guidelines for the operation and administration of agency operated holding facilities in the Leon County Courthouse. 8/9/2014
73.1GENERAL ORDERSCOURT SECURITYThe purpose of this order is to establish procedures to be used by bailiffs and judicial security officers in the performance of their duties. 5/3/2017
74.1GENERAL ORDERSLEGAL PROCESSThe purpose of this order is to ensure sufficiency of information, accuracy, timeliness, and accessibility in the delivery of legal process service.9/4/2014
74.2GENERAL ORDERSJUDICIAL PROCESS FISCAL MANAGEMENTThe purpose of this order is to establish the guidelines for proper financial management of all money received into the Warrants and Civil Section.9/27/2017
74.3GENERAL ORDERSARREST PROCEDURESThe purpose of this order is to establish guidelines for effecting arrests. 4/18/2018
81.1GENERAL ORDERSCOMMUNICATIONSThe purpose of this order is to place accountability for the communications function within the agency's organizational structure, and to establish guidelines for the operation of the Communications Center.3/18/2011
81.4GENERAL ORDERSCOMPUTER SYSTEMS, E-MAIL & CELLULAR TELEPHONESIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to regulate the use of all computer systems, electronic mail and cellular telephone usage that is either used, owned or leased by the Leon County Sheriff's Office or the Leon County Board of County Commissioners. 7/19/2014
81.5GENERAL ORDERSSOCIAL MEDIAIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office to establish the agency's procedures for the utilization, management, administration and oversight of the use of social media. This policy shall provide agency members with guidance regarding prohibited use of social networks (Facebook, Google+, etc.), on-line internet based information sharing (Twitter, Skype, YouTube, etc.) and cellular data exchange networks (cellular phone texting, Blackberry Messenger, Mobile Data Computers, etc). As technology continually changes the absence of, or explicit reference to, a specific social media or social network does not limit the extent of the application of this policy.7/24/2015
82.1GENERAL ORDERSRECORDS ADMINISTRATIONIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to establish administrative and management control procedures, within statutory guidelines, for the orderly retention, distribution, release and destruction of documents considered to be public records. 11/7/2017
84.1GENERAL ORDERSPROPERTY/EVIDENCE MANAGEMENTIt shall be the policy of the Leon County Sheriff's Office to establish procedures for the control, continuity and consistency of property/evidence seized, found, controlled, and maintained by the agency.7/19/2017
84.2GENERAL ORDERSPROPERTY CONTROLIt shall be the policy of the Sheriff's Office to establish guidelines to maintain and control the requisition, issuance, accountability and disposition of agency-owned property, expendable items and personal wear items. 4/26/2017