Assistant Sheriff Ron Cave

Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff Ron Cave was raised in Tallahassee and graduated from Godby High School.  Ron went on to graduate from Thomas University with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and continued his education by attaining a master’s degree in Political Science from Florida State University, a master’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration from the University of West Florida, and a master’s Certificate in Public Administration from the University of West Florida.  Ron continues to actively engage with and contribute to the academic community by serving as an adjunct professor for two Florida community colleges and a private university where he teaches courses in political science and criminal justice.  Ron has lectured on various topics related to criminal justice, public policy and administration, the Florida Legislature, and political science.  

Ron holds criminal justice instructor certifications in general topics, firearms, defensive tactics, and vehicle operations.  Ron has worked continuously in the criminal justice field since 1996.  He has been a Florida-certified correctional officer since 1997 and a Florida-certified law enforcement officer since 1998.  Ron has served in various positions and roles with local and state criminal justice agencies including investigator (internal affairs and criminal), deputy sheriff, lieutenant, captain, major, chief over field and statewide operations and director.  

Currently, Ron serves as the Chief of Staff for Sheriff Walt McNeil and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office.    

Ron resides in Tallahassee, with his wife and has one adult daughter.