The Leon County Sheriff's Office Traffic Enforcement Unit is comprised of one sergeant, and six deputies.The Traffic Unit is tasked with several responsibilities, including traffic law enforcement, impaired driving enforcement, serious traffic crash investigations, wrecker service administration, and special event operations.

The Traffic Unit is equipped with marked patrol vehicles and Harley Davidson motorcycles. All members of the unit are Law Enforcement Motorcycle Rider certified - including the supervisors.

The Traffic Unit has the most advanced Radar and Laser speed detection tools, and uses state-of-the-art equipment to keep the roadways safe for our motorists. Members of the unit are highly motivated to find aggressive drivers and speeders on the roadways of Leon County including the City of Tallahassee.

The unit currently fields two stationary radar speed trailers used to monitor and control speed in the city and county. The unit regularly utilizes portable message boards to deliver specific messages regarding safety information and campaigns.

The Traffic Unit is responsible for conducting Traffic Homicide Investigations and performing follow up investigations on hit and run crashes. Each deputy receives extensive training in vehicular homicide investigation. Their responsibilities include on-scene investigation, reconstruction, and other post-crash investigations so that thorough, complete, reporting can be completed for crashes which result in serious injury or death. Incidents result in an array of charges from simple traffic violations to first degree murder charges. The unit has a THI truck equipped with the latest 3D Laser Mapping system and Photogrammetry equipment. All this helps produce the most accurate maps of crash scenes and assists in the reconstruction of crashes.

Each member of the Traffic Unit receives training in DUI enforcement. Members of the unit work DUI saturation patrols, stationary road blocks (DUI Checkpoints), and roving patrols. The Traffic Unit works in conjunction with other agencies as well as organizations such as MADD to perform checkpoints and saturation patrols. These operations are aimed at detecting and deterring impaired drivers, and educating citizens of Leon County of the dangers of driving impaired.

The Motor Unit is responsible for speed enforcement and other traffic related duties. They are utilized in special details to educate the public and help emphasize traffic safety issues. Five members of the Motor Unit are certified Police Motorcycle Instructors, which allows The Motor Unit to train on a monthly basis to maintain their skills and even compete in motorcycle rodeos such as the Capital City Challenge to show off their skills and help raise money for charity.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office Wrecker Administrator conducts periodic and annual inspections of towing companies that perform rotation, trespass and roam towing in the unincorporated areas of Leon County. The Wrecker Administrator conducts investigations of alleged violations of the Leon County Municipal Ordinance and Florida laws governing towing. If a vehicle owner believes that a provision of Florida law or the county ordinance has been violated in a towing situation, they may file a complaint with Leon County Wrecker Administrator in person, or by calling (850) 606-3295.

The overall mission of the Traffic Unit is to increase voluntary traffic law compliance, decrease crashes and prevent crashes involving death and serious bodily injury.