Captain Craig Carroll

Department of Detention - Operations

Craig Carroll began his career at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office after completing what was then called the Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy in 1996. Over the next 7 years as an officer he held many position with great responsibility that included overseeing the safety of housing areas with 80-90 inmates, processing arrest ticket, bonds, and inmates release procedure directed by court sentence.

In 2001 he attended the North Florida Community College and received his Law Enforcement Certification. Over the years he considered the move to the law Enforcement side but decided his calling was in corrections and turned his efforts to assist the training unit by acquiring his certification as a General, Firearms, and Driving Instructor.

In 2003 he was promoted to sergeant and for the next ten years he continued the responsibilities as sergeant over housing, booking and release, and the work camp. He also continued to assist in the agencies training unit helping to train officers on both the corrections and law enforcement side.

On August 2015 he was promoted to lieutenant and placed in charge of the Detention Facility’s accreditation. In this position he updated the facility’s policies and procedures to keep it in compliance with accreditation standards, state statutes and handled the accreditation process.

On August 3, 2018 Craig Carroll was promoted to the rank of Captain at the Detention Facility and assigned responsibility over housing squads two and four.

Craig is married to Evelyn and they have two daughters Amber and Alissa.