Detention Facility FAQ


  1. Can my family member housed in the Medical Department still be allowed visitation services and if so what are the hours?
        A) Inmates in medical, receive video visitation through the lobby unless their condition prevents them from doing so and the hours are the same as general visitation.
  2. Can I visit my family member who has been admitted into the local hospital?
        A) For security reasons inmates admitted to a hospital will not be permitted visitors unless approved by the Sheriff, the Detention Facility Chief or their designee.
  3. How can I make sure that my family member who has a mental illness or a medical condition receives the proper treatment while incarcerated at your facility?
        A) Our medical unit has a concerned inmate line to leave a detailed message for someone to return you call, that number is 850-606-3100.
  4. Can I bring my family member’s prescription medications from home?
        A) An inmate’s doctor will be contacted directly and prescriptions will be filled in our medical unit.
  5. Am I allowed to bring medical equipment such as breathing machines, dentures, eyeglasses, canes, walkers, etc. to my family member housed at your facility?
        A) It must be approved by medical first, please call 850-606-3100.
  6. Can I find out why my husband/wife, son/daughter is being housed in medical?
        A) HIPAA does not allow for the release of medical information to the public, unless a release waiver is signed by the inmate in medical, giving permission to release information to an outside party.
  7. My family member is indigent; will you still care for him/her if ever medical care is needed?
        A) All inmates will receive medical care no matter what their financial status.
  8. My wife/daughter is pregnant; will they see an obstetrician while in custody?
        A) Yes, she will be referred to one by our medical unit doctor.
  9. My family member has complained to me about having a toothache, is there a dentist at your facility to treat him/her for this?
        A) Yes, we have a dentist on site and the inmate will need to make the medical request.
  10. I have a juvenile son/daughter in custody at your facility, how can I go about signing the necessary paperwork to get medical information/approve medical treatment for them?
        A) HIPAA does not allow for the release of medical information to the public. You will need to make arrangements through the 850-606-3100 number to sign any documentation.
  11. I spoke to my family member on the phone a few minutes ago and he/she is talking about harming themself, how do I go about relaying such information to the appropriate persons?
        A) Call 850-606-3500 and relay this information to a supervisor on duty.
  12. My family member must have dialysis several times a week to live, can he continue his dialysis treatments while in custody at your facility?
        A) Yes, this service is provided on site.



  1. When and where is First Appearance?
        A) First Appearance starts every morning between 8:30am & 9:00am. On weekdays it is held at the court house and weekends and holidays it is held at the Detention Facility.
  2. How long until my loved one gets a court date?
        A) Anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks depending on if it is a new case or violation of probation.
  3. How do I find out when the court date is?
        A) Call the clerk of court at 850-577-4000
  4. How do I reach the public defender or state attorney?
        A) Public defender 850-606-1000 and state attorney 850-606-6000
  5. Can you tell me if I have a warrant for my arrest?
        A) We do not give out warrant information unless you request the information in person. Please turn yourself in to the detention facility with a valid state issued ID to find out requested info.
  6. Can you tell me if I have a bond for my arrest?
        A) We do not give out warrant information unless the person is in custody, or has already been bonded. Please turn yourself in to the detention facility with a valid state issued ID to find out requested info.
  7. What options are there to pay someone's bond?
        A) You can post bond with a bail bondsman, with cash, or cashier check- made out to Leon County Clerk of Court, or pay by credit card. A Property Bond can be obtained at the Leon County Courthouse.
  8. How do I get a bondsman?
        A) We have a list of bondsman in our releasing lobby, you can find them in the phone book, and also on the internet.
  9. Can I post bond using a credit card?
        A) Yes, you must bring the card and your ID to the releasing area of the detention facility to complete the process .
  10. How do I contact IC Solutions to set up inmate phone calls?
  11. Where do the inmates go when they are sentenced to state prison?
        A) North West Florida Reception Center (Washington C.I.) 4455 Sam Mitchell Dr, Chipley, FL 32428


Mail and Commissary

  1. What is the address to write an inmate?
        A) All mail must arrive through the postal service and must have a return address on the envelope. All envelopes and letters have to be written in blue or black ink ONLY. They must have inmate’s name and SPN# followed by:
        Leon County Detention Facility, P.O. Box 2278, Tallahassee, Fl. 32316
  2. How can you deposit money into an inmate’s account?
        A) You can make a deposit by coming into the Visitation Lobby until 8:00 p.m. for a cash only deposit, or deposit money into an inmate account using a credit card. Call 866-345-1884 or visit
  3. How many pictures can an inmate receive?
        A) Inmates can receive five (5) pictures no bigger than 4X6 and cannot be explicit in nature.
  4. What days do inmates order commissary and receive commissary?
        A) Inmates can order commissary on Monday and receive commissary on Tuesday or Wednesday, or inmates can order commissary on Wednesday and receive on Thursday or Friday (excluding holidays).
  5. How much can an inmate order on commissary?
        A) Inmate can order up to $40.00 in food and whites (underwear, socks, t-shirts, etc). Hygiene items are not included in the $40.00.
  6. How do you order books and newspaper subscriptions?
        A) All books and subscriptions have to come directly from the publisher or bookstore.
  7. When an inmate is released what happens to his or her commissary order?
        A) If order has not been processed, the order will be canceled. If the order has been processed, the inmate may receive a refund or they may receive their order.
  8. and the paperwork to mail the check can be completed in Property at the time of release.
  9. How can family members order an inmate a Secure Pak which includes hygiene items, whites, and writing materials and when will they receive the Pak?
        A) Family members can order a Secure Pak by calling 800-546-6283. Delivery days are normal commissary days.
  10. Can the Detention Facility charge fees while incarcerated and if so, can the fees be taken from the commissary account?
        A) Yes, fees will be collected pursuant to Florida Statute 951.033 and will include the following fees: booking, medical, food, and any others that may incur during their stay.
  11. If an inmate is found “not guilty” can they get a refund of the fees that have been charged while incarcerated?
        A) Yes, the defendant must submit a request for the refund to the Justice Administrative Commission on the form at the following link Refund – Defendant Acquitted or Discharged Voucher Cover on the acquitted defendant form there are direction on the form to complete the refund.
  12. What are the phone numbers to the mail room and Keefe Commissary?
        A) The mail room number is 850-606-3511 and Keefe is 850-606-3524.


Work Camp

  1. Can I sign up for work camp over the phone?
        A) No. All those who are sentenced to the Work Camp must sign up in person.
  2. Where do I sign up for Work Camp?
        A) The Work Camp Office is located in the west corner of the Detention Facility visitation parking lot in a portable building.
  3. Can I choose my work assignment?
        A) No. All work assignments are determined by Work Camp Supervisors and consist of physical labor.
  4. Can I change my scheduled work days once I am signed up for Work Camp?
        A) Yes: Once you have completed the sign up process you can report to the Work Camp Office on your unscheduled days to make alterations to your schedule.
  5. If the weather is bad (example: raining) do I have to report to Work Camp?
        A) Yes. The Work Camp operates 7 days a week including holidays.
  6. If I am injured outside the Work Camp do I still have to report?
        A) You must notify the Work Camp immediately of your condition. You will not be allowed to return to the Work Camp without the proper medical documentation and medical clearances necessary for work.
  7. Am I required to bring my own lunch to Work Camp?
        A) You must provide your own bag lunch, no utensils, and water will be provided to you. Further direction will be given to you when you sign up.