What is an injunction?

An injunction is a court order that directs a person not to have any contact with you.

Where can I obtain an injunction?

  • The Refuge House has a volunteer office in the Leon County Courthouse and can be reached at 850-606-4160. Volunteers with this organization will provide counseling and assist in completing injunction forms and obtaining emergency shelter at the Refuge House.
  • Once the forms are completed, the Petition for Injunction should be filed with The Leon County Clerk of Courts office in the Leon County Courthouse, Suite 100, during normal business hours. Click here for current hours of operation. Clerk staff will create the case and take the file to the judge for review; there is currently no filing fee for filing for an injunction. If the judge finds merit to the petition, a Temporary Injunction and Notice of Hearing will be entered.
  • During weekends and holidays, assistance may be sought at the Leon County Jail, located on Appleyard Drive, at 8:00 a.m., where a deputy clerk will be present and judge will be present.

What happens after the judge grants the injunction?

  • A hearing must be scheduled and the respondent must be personally served with a copy of the Petition, Notice of Hearing, and the Temporary Injunction. The hearing will be scheduled for the next available court session.
  • You will be provided with copies of these documents; you must attend the hearing or the injunction will be dismissed.
  • Any injunction granted by the Court will remain in effect until modified or dissolved by the judge. Copies of all injunctions are placed on file with local law enforcement agencies.
For the details on the process of obtaining an injunction or to find out that community resources that are available click here:
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