Work Camp


Department of Detention Inmate Work Crews and Work Camp

The Leon County Department of Detention requires sentenced inmates to work as trustees while serving their sentence(s). The inmate labor is utilized by divisions within Leon County Public Works and The City of Tallahassee Public Works on work crews at a minimal cost to the taxpayers. The Department of Detention also utilizes the inmate labor to maintain our facility grounds and various community events throughout the year.


Department of Detention Inmate Work Crews:

Operates Monday - Friday. Inmates sentenced to the Leon County Detention Facility are screened and selected for outside work assignments. They are and are assigned and supervised by County, City and Correctional Staff. Inmates leave each day from the Detention Facility 0700 hours and return at 1630 hours.


Department of Detention Work Camp:

Operates seven days a week 365 day a year. Individuals are sentenced to this program by the courts as a condition of their probation. Inmates are allowed to select their own work schedules, but MUST work a minimal of one ten (10) hour day each week until all of their sentenced days have been served. Their work day begins at 0630 and ends at 1630 each day.


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